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Obesity and Diet Imbalance Conference

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715 28 Nov 2019
09:00 AM
29 Nov 2019
06:00 PM

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International Conference on Obesity and Diet Imbalance

November 28-29, 2019 

Dubai, UAE

#BariatricSurgery #Dietetics #PediatricNutrition

Obesity Diet 2019 extends warm welcome to International Conference on Obesity and Diet Imbalance on November 28-29, 2019 Dubai, UAE with a theme “Educate & Strengthen Prevention of Obesity by Proper Nutrition and Physical Activities”. Participating at Obesity Diet 2019 will provide an exceptional opportunity to associate with world-class Obesity Specialists and Endocrinology Experts in the field making a channel for coordinated efforts and partnerships.

Obesity Diet 2019 is a worldwide stage to examine and find out concerning Weight Management, Childhood Obesity, Obesity & Cancer, Genetical Obesity, Anti-obesity drugs, Bariatric treatment, Obesity and Diabetes, Advanced medications for Obesity, Health Behaviour and Environment, Basic nourishment and diet, Scientific gatherings and meetings and the field of Obesity. Obesity and Nutrition Meetings would talk about different themes identified with Obesity and Nutrition, Metabolic Syndromes and Anorexia, Pediatric Nutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition and Current Advances in treating Obesity through Bariatric Surgery. Current Obesity Conferences 2019 has taken the start to congregate the world-class specialists both from industry and academic in a typical stage at Obesity Conferences.

Conference Sessions

Obesity and its Causes
Genetics of Obesity
Balanced Diet and Chronic Diseases
Nutritional Imbalance and Role of Metabolism in Obesity
Role of Steroids and Hormones in Obesity
Pediatric Nutrition
Childhood Obesity: Causes and Prevention
Obesity and Psychiatric Disorders
Nutrition and Brain Health
Obesity and Cardiac Health
Bariatric Surgeries and its Types
Post-Surgery Diet and Exercise
Exercise, Yoga and Physical Therapy for Healthy Weight Loss
Weight pills for Obesity
Prevention and Management of Obesity
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Role of Anesthesiologists in Obesity
Current Research in Nutrition and Dietetics
Malnutrition or Nutritional Deficiency
Maternal and Child Care during Pregnancy