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Class / Event Management


Manage Classes or Events easily with Vydya Health Class / Event Management Software!


Health coaches, Yoga and Meditation teachers are some of the professionals that conduct classes. Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Dentists or Cardiologists are some of the professionals that conducts events to educate people on their ailments and how they can take advantage of their services.


Vydya Health provides powerful software to conduct classes or run events with best features such as: 


  • Publish Classes or Events
  • Take Registrations
  • Process Payments
  • Manage Cancellations 


The software enables to run classes or events easily from one place. Publish classes and take registrations – paid or free.  Manage cancellations with ease, with Vydya Health you have complete control on cancellations, you can choose whether your clients can cancel or not.


Contact registrants and update them about any changes. Our built-in email messaging system helps you to send reminders or updates on the classes or events.


Promote on social media. Share on multiple sites to increase visibility for your events or classes. The tools to share on Social Media are built into our system.


Have your own registration system? You can simply post a class on Vydya Health and still use your registration system. Posting events on Vydya Health increases visibility.


Take your practice to next level with Vydya Health Class / Event Management software. 


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