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Social Media Promotion


The term 'Social Media Promotion' sounds exciting, but hard to do. Promote your practice information and event information on Social Media with 1 click.


Managing multiple Social Media channels is hard. Every social media channel has its own format. With Vydya Health, create your practice information once on Vydya Health and share it on as many Social Media channels as you like, e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. with 1 click.


Let your followers become your ambassadors, once you publish your information on Social Media, they can easily share your updates on their Social Media channels.


If you run classes or events, Social Media Promotion gives an edge in reaching potential customers. Once an event is created on Vydya Health, you can easily share it on Social Media. 


Be visible, promote your practice on Social Media with Vydya Health Social Media Promotion features. BTW, did we say it's FREE! just create your practice profile, start sharing!


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