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Refund Policy


Vydya Refund Policy


Thanks for doing business with your Service Provider through Please read the Service Provider’s refund policy thoroughly before signing-up for any events or appointments they provide.

At all times, the contract is between you and the Service Provider. Vydya only provides the platform that enables both you and the Service Provider to connect and transact securely. Vydya is not responsible for the resolution of any dispute between any consumer and any service provider.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, please contact the Service Provider.

  • Some Service Providers let you cancel your appointments any time till the event date.
  • Some Service Providers only let you cancel your appointments before a specified period in advance.
  • Some Service Providers may have a cancellation fee.

Find out which conditions apply before you complete a transaction.

If there is a genuine dispute between you and a Service Provider, Vydya can offer to speak to the Service Provider about it, but can provide no guarantee of dispute resolution. Please reach us at [email protected] with the transaction details. We are here to help. With no guarantees, we will do what we can to provide a possible solution.