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As per Ayurveda, Panchakarma (‘Pancha’ refers to ‘five’ and ‘Karma’ refers to ‘treatment’) is done primarily to cleanse the toxins and detoxify the body. It is been considered that body purification is extremely important before opting for any other therapy. Usually, the process of Panchakarma begins with two therapies as mentioned below: 

  • Oleation – In this process, oil or ghee is applied on the body made from mineral and herbal ingredients. It acts as effective medium to reach deeper tissues of the body and ultimately loosen up toxins that are stuck within the cells. 
  • Fomentation – This therapy generates sweat, and generally oleation therapies are been followed by Fomentation process. The tissues which are made soft by Oleation become easier to flush out of the body by Fomentation. 


Five Therapies of ‘Panchakarma’ 

  • Vaman – In this therapy, a patient is provided with both internal and external Oleation and Fomentation for few days. Once the toxins become flexible and gather around the upper cavities of the body, patient is been given with decoction and emetic medicine, which causes vomiting and further elimination of toxins from the body. It is highly recommended to those facing problems due to Kapha dosha including obesity, hyperacidity and asthma. 
  • Virechan – This therapy is recommended to those suffering from Pitta dosha and ailments such as jaundice, herpes zoster, celiac disease, colitis and more. In this, patient is provided both internal and external Oleation and Fomentation and after that , he/she is given with an herbal laxative facilitating evacuation of bowels and cleaning toxins from the body. 
  • Basti – It is highly effective therapy for those facing with Vata dominated disorders like piles, arthritis and constipation. In this therapy, it starts with the same process that a patient is given Oleation and Fomentation and after that according to the nature of the problem, oil, ghee, herbal decoction or milk is been carried out in the rectum lending several positive effects. 
  • Nasya – This therapy is effective in getting relief from different kinds of problems related to migraine, headache, hair problems, neurological disorders, sleep disorders, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and respiratory problems. Initially, head and shoulder part of a patient is been given with a gentle massage followed by Fomentation. Then, nasal drops are dropped in the nostrils letting the cleaning process begin of the entire head region. 
  • Raktamokshan – This therapy is highly effective for the blood cleansing and its related problems that occur due to impure blood. The therapy is applied to the entire body or a specific area and is useful for curing different skin disorders as well including eczema, psoriasis, local lesions, pigmentation and more. 


Benefits of Panchakarma and How to get started: 

Make sure that Panchakarma therapies should not be taken by those having any kind of injuries, fever or in pregnancy. It is highly advisable that one can go for Panchakarma therapy only after consultation with a qualified and trained Ayurveda specialist that can suggest a therapy after checking the state of the health. Find the best Ayurveda specialist below, get an appointment with him/her, discuss your problems and then reap the benefits of Panchakarma therapy. Certainly, the therapy can give several advantages to the individual including enhancing metabolism, reducing weight, complete cleansing and detoxification of the body, increasing the strength and immunity, elimination of toxins from the body, relaxing mind, and rejuvenation of tissues. 


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