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Karnataka, 560094,

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India is the land of diversity. Diversity in cultures, languages, natural landscapes, and every other thing. The only thing that has kept these miscellanies bounded is Yoga. Since ages, in India, Yoga has been a celebration and a prayer offering. Owing to the great Himalayas, waterfalls, rainforests, soil, and traditional heritage, the land of undefined beauty has produced some of the greatest yogis including Shiva and Buddha. Shwaasa Yoga Center welcomes you to witness the pedigree of traditional Indian Yoga with Yoga teacher certification in India. In the vicinity of venerated Shwaasa Guru, it is a significant moment to learn the great art of Yoga.

About the Program:

At Shwaasa, Yoga Teacher training in India is organized in three genres- 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga TTC. 200 and 300 Hour YTTC are primary and advanced level Yoga training, whereas the 500 Hour YTTC is an amalgamation of the first two. Anybody can be admitted to the 200 Hour training, 200 Hour YTT certification is required for getting admission to the 300 Hour Yoga program. Let’s look at the principal highlights of the program:

• Study and practice of authentic yoga forms
• Learn to practice the yogic art and bring perfection in the asanas.
• Special training of Pranayama and its various series with Shwaasa Guru.
• Philosophy of Yoga as mentioned in various yogic texts.
• Deep Meditation practice to attain a higher level of spiritual knowledge while connecting the soul, body, and mind.
• Body science and Anatomical study of Yoga to be an expert Yoga teacher and practitioner.
• Knowledge of the ayurvedic science and its healing effects.
• Learn the features of a great Yoga teacher during the Teaching Methodology classes.
• Field visits and excursions.

Food and Accommodation

At Shwaasa, we ensure our guests get proper nutrients and a safe stay. We offer an assortment of Indian nourishments with Kerala’s world-famous spices. The three-time meals are prepared by our highly expert chefs, who take utmost care of the health and well-being of the students. The meals are supplemented by herbal drinks. Our ashrams in India are located in a serene environment. In Kerala, Varkala Beach is just a few feet away from the center, while our Rishikesh ashram is situated overlooking the gorgeous Himalayan hills. Perfectly furnished rooms are spacious and offer a perfect glimpse of the natural magic.

Fee Details:

200 Hour YTTC: 1350 & 1500 USD for Rishikesh and 1650 & 1800 USD for Kerala

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About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is a notable Yoga school in India. The school is aimed at making a healthy and disorder-free society with spreading awareness about the importance of breathing (Shwaasa) within the body. Located in Bengaluru, in southern India, the Yoga center was instituted by our revered Shwaasa Guru, by whose blessings we are one of the most celebrated Yoga institutes in the country. Among many programs that we offer, Yoga Retreat, Kung Fu Yoga Retreat, and Yoga TTC are the primary.