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Rhythmic Healing Art Studio     


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Royal Palms,
Aarey Milk Colony,Goregaon(east),
Maharastra, 400063,

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  • Time: 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
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Business information


I'm Sneha Shanti. Wellness Coach, Clarity Coach & Energy healer. clear your foggy mind & allow to let go your confusion & struggle's.

I am into Clarity Coaching​, Practitioner In Various healing modalities  such as( Access Consciousness, The Reconnection Healing, Quantum touch healing, DNA Healing & Aura Cleaning). Meditation & Guide for Balancing your Energy Chakra in Body.


Rhythmic Healing Art Studio​ â€‹  

 Introduce you & Invite you "Living Rhythmic Life"​

​ Healing  is not just for ill people. Healthy people also derive great benefits from it, they become calmer and report higher levels of energy, as well as better sleep. Rhythmic Therapy can effectively dissolve physical, mental, and emotional blockages and overcome daily stress, fear, and depression. With regular treatments most people experience an increase in zest for life and an increase in creativity.

Ask for Clarity in thought process, Guidance for personal +professional  growth & Coaching for well being.​

Online Counselling Or, In person session appointment -

Simply send email  Request for online or personal appointment session on

Email i.d :- [email protected] 

For more information and to fix an appointment in Mumbai, Connect on whats app   +91 8655738173

Or call +91 98 6750 5473

               Thank you.

       Be with Joy & Happiness !


  Love , Peace & Respect

          Sneha Shanti