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Hari Om Yoga     


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Cascina Bellaria, Reg Boschi 47,
Alessandria, 15079,

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Business information

Hari Om is a Yoga School. It's a Yoga School for who chooses to become a Yoga Teacher, for who wants to deepen the knowledge of Yoga and for anyone desiring to learn, practice, understand what Yoga is and to find out more about oneself.

Hari Om is a school of integral Yoga, thus teaching a kind of Yoga that goes beyond the boundaries of Styles or Traditions. Hari Om proposes the physical approach of Hatha Yoga, the most wide spread nowadays in the Western world, but teaches also Bhakti, Jnan and Karma Yoga, without neglecting the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this millenary discipline.

The Hari Om Yoga school has been founded by Marco Mandrino, it is a Yoga Alliance registered school, it's accredited by the Italian Olympic Committee(CONI) and by the MSP. Marco has studied and practices the diverse approaches to Yoga in conjunction with other elements belonging to different spiritual traditions and the school plainly reflects this intent. The school, in fact, avails the collaboration of many disparate teachers, each one of them teaching what they mostly love, at the best of their knowledge and in accordance to their approach, experience and point of view.

This system allows the students of the school to assimilate the many different facets of Yoga, to learn the full spectrum of techniques, methodologies and approaches which will become the tools to create their own way to teach and their own way to practice. By virtue of the high level of the teaching and because of the integral approach to the Yoga practice, the Hari Om school is currently one of the best known and most accredited schools of Italy and of Europe.

The school has many branches all over Italy, but the center and heart of Hari Om is at Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio(AL), in the beautiful countryside of the northern region of Piedmont. At Cascina Bellaria, beside the Yoga Teacher Trainings, many other annual and ongoing events are organized and takes place: Ayurveda work-shops, Yoga holidays, Yoga Therapy courses, retreats and seminars and seminars treating different themes and topics, and also pilgrimages to the sacred sites of the East.

Another important occurrence that every year takes place in the main center of the Hari Om Yoga School, is the BlissBeatFestival, an international and celebrating event that brings together music and Yoga, cheerfulness, lightness and spirituality, and that attracts musicians, guests and participants from all over the world.