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100% Chiropractic     


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4490 Chamblee Dunwoody Road,
Suite D,
GA, 30338,
United States of America

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    Hours of operation
  • Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Time: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  •     By Appointment

Business information

At 100%, you’ll find that our services are catered towards the entire family’s healing. Our wellness center is dedicated to ensuring optimal care for our patients by using effective chiropractic techniques, state-of-the-art facilities, and amazing customer service. Our 100% Chiropractic services include:


  • Corrective chiropractic care (restoring the natural curves to the spine to return optimal health to your body)
  • Massage therapy (it helps muscles relax, re-habilitate, and strengthen the spine for sustained health maintenance)
  • Chiropractic x-rays (used to monitor patients’ progression through their corrective care plan)
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Mothers (planning/expectant/post-partum – Chiropractic is vital to facilitate the inevitable changes to your spine)
  • Children (safe, gentle & effective techniques geared towards healthy development of newborns into adulthood)
  • Health coaching (for individuals, corporations, churches or other community organizations)
  • Educational workshops for the community (contact the office for details of our upcoming and ongoing series inside the office and for your favorite organization). These free events are geared towards supporting families and their growth. For more info, visit our website at

As you can imagine, our patients stem from all walks of life. Whether you’ve had an auto/work/sports injury, experienced setbacks in your health, are planning for/expecting a newborn, looking for healthier options for children, tired of dealing with unhealthy habits/ body pains, or are just ready to ensure your family’s health is prospering, join Dr. Sam & your 100% Chiropractic office as walk towards 100% health together!


Call today to learn more about our upcoming events, and schedule an appointment for you and your family at 682-503-9356!