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Santhigram Ayurveda Wellness


Santhigram Ayurveda Wellness     


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71st Road,
Forest Hills,
New York, 11375,
United States of America

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Business information

The current synthetic lifestyle of modern man has led to many health hazards. The stress and strain of day-to-day life is a major factor for many chronic diseases. Lack of exercise, polluted environment and climatically unsuitable menu further drains away energy. The “Health Rejuvenation Program” that we offer will reduce the physical suffering to a great extent, control several dreaded disabilities, ward off the middle age syndrome, retard the aging process and provide unlimited curative powers for body and mind by repairing the worn out tissues revitalizing the body, increasing memory power, improving vigor and vitality and make oneself physically and mentally fit.  The only place in the world practicing AYURVEDA in its absolute purity and dedication is ‘God’s own country’, Kerala, India.  Ayurvedic Physicians in Kerala have developed specialized techniques of panchakarma, which is something more than the purification therapy.  Kerala has specialized in this therapy and it has become a center of world attention. Large numbers of people from all over the world are coming to Kerala to avail this treatment.

Santhigram is the provider of authentic Kerala specific Ayurveda treatments in the USA.  Our Center offers various types of rejuvenation therapy for healthy people wanting to refresh themselves from the frictions of daily living and also provide curative therapies which help to alleviate a number of chronic ailments like Spondylitis, Slip Disc / Back Ache, Arthritis, Joint Pains, Muscle pains, Sprains, Frozen Shoulder,  Obesity, Sinusitis, Migraine, Psychosomatic disorders due to stress & strain, depression, insomnia, skin diseases like Psoriasis,  Eczema etc.