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Health By The Bay     


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260-262 Beamish St,
NSW, 2194,

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Welcome To Your Alternative Health Approach

Health By The Bay is an integrative alternative health practice for people who struggled to achieve their health outcomes and are ready to achieve their health goals.

Why work with us?

We created Health By The Bay because we want people consider that wellness is a viable option and to make the choice of continuous improvement in a sustainable manner.

Our goal is to enable people to take control of their health, to deal with the cause of the problem and build you core health.

At Health By The Bay we take a “whole of person approach” where you are the point of focus; not your symptom. Over the years we have researched, tested and selected an practice model that yield results for our clients.

We are an alternative health practice with a twist, as our approach removes the guess work through the use of well selected testing tools which enables us to target on the underlying causes of your health concern. 

Our Services:
- Weight Loss
- Stress Management
- Chronic Health Management
- Health Coaching / Mentoring
- Personal Health Assessment
- Homeopathy

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