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Breathe Salt Rooms


Breathe Salt Rooms     


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200 Katonah Ave.,
2nd Floor,
NY, 10536,
United States of America

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Dry Salt Therapy

A Natural Remedy

Dry Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, is a holistic, drug-free, natural therapy using micro-particles of pure salt to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, enhanced physical fitness and overall wellness.  It also helps to alleviate symptoms of major respiratory and skin conditions.

During a session, salt is ground into tiny particles by our state-of-the-art halogenerator, and then aerated into the salt room or bed.  The inhaled salt aids in reducing respiratory inflammation, drying mucus, eliminating toxins and allergens. The non-inhaled particles landing on the skin help to balance pH, reduce inflammation and exfoliate.  Specific to the BREATHE salt rooms is the use of Himalayan salt crystals and bricks as a beautiful astethic and to generate relaxing negative ions that counter the agitating positive ions we are bombarded with from electronic equipment.  The tranquil environment of BREATHE salt rooms will improve your overall mental and emotional health, helping you to relax and de-stress.