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Willowbrook Academy of Traditional Healing Arts


Willowbrook Academy of Traditional Healing Arts     


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Willowbrook Academy of Traditional Healing Arts,
Roscommon, none,

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Business information

Willowbrook Academy of Oriental Medicine 

Willowbrook Academy was set up to provide a wider range of training in Oriental Medicine. We aim to grant access to training and promote some of the lesser known but equally effective disciplines within the vast world of Oriental Medicine.  

Our courses are designed to be suitable for both beginners and existing practitioners alike. For beginners and people new to the world of oriental medicine our courses provide a practitioner qualification in disciplines that have been shown to be effective and have good results. For existing practitioners or those fresh from school, our courses offer ways to supplement your existing knowledge.

Our aim is to create skilled, well rounded practitioners who have a firm grasp of their chosen discipline.

Our courses are designed to get you up and practising, with the option to further deepen your knowledge once you are up and running. 

- Tuina Medical Massage Level 1
- NADA Auricular Acupuncture 
- Taoist Fractal Acupuncture
- Japanese Moxibustion