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Meditation for Sleep

Meditation for Sleep     


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Svadhyaya Kosha B-3, Deecon Valley, Laxman Jhula Tapovan,
Uttarakhand, 249137,

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Business information

Want to have yoga nidra training? Whether your purpose behind doing yoga nidra training is to relax your own mind and body and experience deeper calmness or making others learn this art by becoming a yoga teacher, we've got you covered!

Join our yoga nidra training program in India and learn how to relax your being from the inside out. With the help of this training, we help you learn how to de-stres yourself, restore, increase awareness, and get rid of health conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. All in all, the practice of yoga nidra is the key to transformation and healing!

What Will You Learn?

  • Yoga nidra practice and its benefits
  • The traditions and techniques of this self-healing process
  • Controlling negative thought patterns
  • How to teach the art of Yoga Nidra to others
  • What kind of environment best suits this practice
  • How yoga nidra and brain waves work

This is just an overview of the learning you will get while having yoga nidra training with us. To know about the training in detail, get in touch with us.

Above all, the training can be joined by anyone looking to attain inner peace! There is no eligibility required for joining this course. Enroll Now!