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Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Sydney


Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Sydney     


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1 Bondi Rd,
Bondi Junction ,NSW,
Sydney, 2022,

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Business information

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre was opened in 2011 by Rita Sagrani. It is the first true oasis in Sydney that offers the authentic experience of true Ayurveda. With fully qualified doctors and therapists, the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is devoted to the client, ensuring correct diagnosis, prescription of genuine, high-quality Ayurvedic herbs and oils and the professional application of healing, holistic therapies.

Rita began her journey into Ayurveda two decades ago when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Despite consulting with many specialists and doctors, Western medicine failed to yield a proper cure, and the disease took a debilitating toll on Rita’s career in the fashion industry, as well as her day to day life!