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Jawahar Nagar,
H.P., 176215,

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Business information

At HimVeda we provide traditional Ayurvedic treatments in a highly personalised setting.

  • Our herbs are handpicked from the surrounding Himalayas by the local herbal collectors and farmers.
  • We perform panchakarma detox therapies on our patients. The treatment schedule is chosen after a long body and mind type assessment followed by complete assessment of the disease process.
  • We rely on traditional as well as modern methods of assessment. 
  • Our experts are happy to explain the treatments involved and why they were chosen.
  • We are target oriented and will conduct lab tests before and after the treatements so that the results are evident to the patients.
  • During Panchakarma a strict dietary and lifestyle regimen is followed exactly in accordance with the Ayurvedic texts.
  • Our meals are home cooked , vegetarian and composed of organic ingredients.
  • We promote local and hence use only traditonal grains and veggies. Genetically modified food stuffs are not used.
  • We understand each person is different and hence we strive to make the healing process as personalised as possible.  
  • Our daily Ayurveda lectures help the patients understand the philosophy and accordingly make changes in their diet, lifestyle and behaviour.
  • Our accomodation is simple, homely,  clean, with internet facility.
  • The center is located in natural surroundings which aids the healing process.