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Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village     


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15(1) Rottikaranur Road,
Thirumalayampalayam Post, Madukkarai via,
Tamilnadu, 641105,

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Business information

Vaidyagrama - The Ayurvedic Hospital and Healing Village.

At vaidyagrama, patients with many different conditions arrive for treatment. We do work with all these different conditions including patients with different types of cancer, and patients have achieved different levels of benefit depending on various factors including age, chronicity of the problem, diet and lifestyle etc. We primarily work with -

1) Neuro Musculo Skeletal Disorders
2) Skin Disorders
3) Gastro Intestinal Disorders
4) Respiratory System Disorders
5) Chronic Cardiac Disorders
6) Chronic Hormonal Disorders
7) Reproductive Disorders

Some of the conditions that we are able to manage well include -

1) Rheumatoid arthritis
2) Osteo arthritis
3) Migraine
4) Spinal cord problems including cervical spondylosis, slipped disc, stenosis, lumbar problems
5) Sciatica
6) Psoriasis
7) Digestive disorders
8) Breathing disorders including asthma
9) Vertigo
10) Insomnia
11) Stress
12) Diabetes
13) Obesity
14) Other lifestyle disorders

Also treatment programs for general health maintenance and rejuvenation are given.

This is only an indicative list. Ayurveda primarily treats the individual patient and not the disease. Hence depending on the patient and all the variables that affect the patient including (but not limited to) age, gender, location, diet, lifestyle, habits, relationships, emotional state and willpower, the treatment program is planned and the benefits accrue accordingly. It is also ideal when the patient is able to achieve a reasonable shift in diet and lifestyle when he/she goes back home; it is in the three months period immediately following the treatment that much of the benefit is seen.