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Ayurveda is the Science of LIFE. 

The busy life style every human being is having in todays life is leading to many health problems like Auto Immune disorders and Pshyosomatic disorders. Hectic work Life style, poor eating habits, additctions etc are leading to chronic diseases. ALIGN HEALING & THERAPY is introducing Healthy customized Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapies will alleviate Physical exertion to a great extent and control Auto Immune Disorders and helps you with Degeneration Health Conditions, Early aging process,  rejuvenate your Mind & Body with increase in Memory power, and educates you how to balance your stress levels. Our Ayurvedic Practitioners are well experienced in diagnosing various Auto Immune disorders and help clients to change their eating, life style and customize a Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detoxification Program. Align Healing & Therapy Studio which is located in Denville, NJ. offers Various types of Holistic therapies like Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detoxification therapies to alleviate Arthritis, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Insomnia, Obesity and other Holistic services like Reilki Healing, Signature Ayurvedic Facials and  Aromatherapy.