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Near Swarg Ashram Ramjhoola, R,
Near Swarg Ashram Ramjhoola,
Uttaranchal, 249304,

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Yoga teacher Training in India!!

Yoga originated in India during Vedic times.  We still remember the Vedic times yoga as a Vedic yoga. Several other forms of yoga – originated in India – are based on Vedic philosophy. The yoga teacher training in India at Arpit Yogain Rishikesh is also based on this yogic philosophy and covers all important aspects of yoga, apart from asanas and pranayama that are necessary for strong foundation skills.

In Arpit Yogahighly qualified and experienced yoga masters provide training to the students in small batches. The facility of stay and meal is included in the package. And, at the weekends all students enjoy activities like trekking, kakaying, and local sightseeing, etc.

200hour Yoga teacher Training Course

If you are a yoga beginner and looking for a yoga course then the 200 hour yoga teacher training course welcomes you. This yoga course is planned for the yoga beginners. And, you also can become a certified yoga teacher after completing this course. You just need to pass it from a Yoga Alliance, USA registered yoga school or academy such as Arpit Yogaat Rishikesh in India.

Arpit Yogamainly gives emphasis on Hatha yoga – the classical yoga. Along with asanas and pranayama it covers all important aspects of yoga such as yoga philosophy, yogic life style, yogic diet, yoga therapy and yoga nindra, etc.  Accommodation, meal and activities like river rafting, trekking and kakaying are included in the yoga training package of Arpit Yoga.