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Yoga Teacher Training     


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Soi 9 ,
Chiang Rai,
Chiang Rai, 57100,

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Business information

AdiNath Yoga Ashram, Chiang Rai – Thailand

Considering the root of Yoga is originated from Shiva AdiNath and WYA Thailand Yoga is based in Thailand, its (our) first Ashram is set up in Thailand is named after Lord Shiva. Natural, eco-friendly with a passionate dedicated team are the key components of the Ashram. When it comes to choose the best location for the Ashram, WYA Thailand Yoga (we) have never taken it lightly. In order to provide a soothing peaceful environment for Yoga practitioners during their stays, Guru Dharm always has the vision to have mountains, lakes and waterfall as the backdrop of the Ashram, indulging by the nature and listening to its chanting as the main attributes in selecting the location of the Ashram. With his persistence in searching for the best location, AdiNath Ashram, WYA Thailand Yoga (We) set its significant footstep in Muang District, Chiang Rai, Thailand.