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ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival

1085 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, The Church at Ponce and Highland, Atlanta, GA-30306. United States of America
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By Chantlanta

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Session IDStart DateEnd Date
44 11 Mar 2016
07:00 PM
13 Mar 2016
04:00 PM

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Bhakti yoga, the tradition from which kirtan comes, may be thought of as the yoga of the heart or the yoga of Divine love. It is often called the yoga of devotion.

ChantLanta Music Festival Featuring...

Mantra Ma    
Phil McWilliams    
Blue Spirit Wheel

One Voice    
Murari Band    
Kalidas & Amah Devi

Atma Sangeet    
Ecstatic Dance Atlanta    

Chakra Vocal Toning    
Mantras on the Mat    
Monkey Chant

Sonic Yoga    
Mantra Chant with Sumati    
Sacred Harp Singing

Shamanic Drumming    
Twilight Reveille    
Native American Chant

Shamanic Dance    
Intro to Didgeridoo    
Kumandi Drums and Healing


No registration needed. All ChantLanta programs are FREE and OPEN for everyone!