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28 Days Yoga Intensive Level 1 Course in Thailand

42/4, Moo 8, Srithanu, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani-84280. Thailand
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» Yoga
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» Back Pain
» Obesity / Overweight
» Anxiety
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82 04 Apr 2016
08:00 AM
30 Apr 2016
08:00 PM
83 02 May 2016
08:00 AM
28 May 2016
08:00 PM
84 30 May 2016
08:00 AM
25 Jun 2016
08:00 PM
85 27 Jun 2016
08:00 AM
23 Jul 2016
08:00 PM
86 25 Jul 2016
08:00 AM
20 Aug 2016
08:00 PM
87 22 Aug 2016
08:00 AM
17 Sep 2016
08:00 PM
88 19 Sep 2016
08:00 AM
15 Oct 2016
08:00 PM
89 17 Oct 2016
08:00 AM
12 Nov 2016
08:00 PM
90 14 Nov 2016
08:00 AM
10 Dec 2016
08:00 PM
91 12 Dec 2016
08:00 AM
07 Jan 2017
08:00 PM

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Participate in the authentic roots of yoga

Gain comprehensive knowledge of asanas, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy

Cultivate energetic clarity, personal refinement, and a balanced approach to living


Agama’s Level 1 Yoga Intensive is a month-long retreat that combines the theory and practice of authentic Hatha Yoga.

Going far beyond the mere instruction on physical postures -asanas-, the course will guide you through: the activation of energy centers -chakras- within your body, the incorporation of breathing -pranayama- techniques, the practice of meditation, and an immersion into the complete yogic philosophy.

The practice and knowledge given in the retreat will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, strengthen your physical body, improve your willpower and self-confidence, create healthy new habits, and find emotional balance and inner harmony.


Level 1 runs year-round and includes 2, two-hour Hatha Yoga classes per day and one evening lecture, six days per week.

Drop-in classes are available everyday and the first day is always free! 

During the 4 week retreat, you will receive:

  • An introduction to different forms of Yoga, including nidra, karma, kundalini
  • Instruction in 20 asanas, including physical performance and energetic/healing effects
  • An in-depth description of the complete Chakra system’s relationship to asana practice
  • Pranayama, meditation and mantra techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge on Yogic philosophy, including yamas and niyamas
  • An overview of Yogic diets, including Ayurveda and macrobiotics
  • Kriya techniques – traditional Yogic methods for purifying and cleansing the body
  • Using asanas to direct energy for physical and emotional healing effects
  • Enhanced the power of the mind through concentration and visualization techniques
  • Powerful Kriyas – cleansing and detoxing techniques for vitality and longevity
  • Initiation by an advanced teacher to unlock the power of mantra in Laya Yoga
  • Instruction and practice in lucid dreaming
  • An overview of Yogic diets, including Ayurveda and macrobiotics
  • An introduction to Tantric sexuality

The course is designed for everyone regardless of age, physical ability, or previous experience with Yoga. The pace of the course allows those new to Yoga to easily follow the teachings, while students who already have a Yoga practice will find ample opportunities to deepen their understanding. 

Once a student has registered for the Agama Level 1 course, he or she is eligible to upgrade to a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered teaching certificate course (YTTC).

Individuals who choose to enroll in the Agama 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) will complete the standard, 4 week Level 1 course, plus receive one additional week of teaching-intensive instruction.

Please click here to learn more about enrolling in the Agama 200-Hour YTTC.

Benefits of the Agama Yoga practice:

  • Improve your physical and emotional health
  • Gain more energy and vitality
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Increase willpower and self-confidence
  • Develop a new awareness of your patterns and habits
  • Learn the ability to perceive and direct energy
  • Inspiration and methods to achieve your goals and transform your life

The practice and knowledge given in the course will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, strengthen your physical body, improve your willpower and self-confidence, create healthy new habits, and find emotional balance and inner harmony. You will also become aware of energy, learn to recognize its different forms and understand how to direct it for a specific purpose.

Daily schedule Monday - Saturday:
08.30-10.30: Morning lecture (asana of the day), Q&A and Yoga practice 
16.00-18.00: Sun salutations and asana practice 
18.15-20.00: Lecture and Q&A 
*Other special events are announced separately, and follow the course in the evening.

You may join our course at any time during the month, for as long as you like: a day, a week, two weeks, or an entire month. Classes are taught in English. The first class is always free and you can always repeat any class for free. After the first day, additional drop-in days (including two yoga classes and evening lecture) are only 500 Baht. Students who complete the entire program will receive a certificate and be eligible to advance to the next level.

Our students may attend free events open to the entire community such as: daily morning meditations, weekly satsangs, group meditations, and bhajans. Students also have access to our spiritual library.