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Parasitology & Infectious Diseases Conference

-, Cape Town, ---. South Africa
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700 19 Nov 2019
09:00 AM
20 Nov 2019
06:00 PM

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7th Annual Conference on Parasitology & Infectious Diseases

November 19-20, 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

#InfectiousDiseases #ParasiticInfections #TherapeuticParasitology

Infectious Diseases Congress 2019 invites everyone to attend the “7th Annual Conference on Parasitology & Infectious Diseases” conference on November 19-20, 2019 to be held in Cape Town, South Africa which joins promote keynote shows, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. “To Encourage novel Discoveries in Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Vaccines for Parasitic & Infectious Diseases” is the main theme of the conference.

Parasitology specializes in inventive advancements which may hinder in unfold of and Infectious Diseases. This get-together incorporates exalting intelligent displays and keynote speakers UN organization can give a universal stage to talk of present and future challenges about Parasitology and Infectious Diseases.

Conference Sessions

Vector-Borne Diseases
Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases
Aqua Culture Parasites and Risk of Human Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections of Reproductive Organs
Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Neglected Parasitic Infections (NPIS)
Hospital Acquired Infections
Agriculture and Veterinary Parasitology
Medical Parasitology and Parasitic Infections
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Parasites
Helminthology of Parasites
Protozoan Parasites
Arthropod Parasites and Ectoparasites
Parasitic Diseases & Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Pathology of Parasitic Infectious Diseases
Parasitic Immunology
Vaccines; Drug Development and Control Measures
Laboratory Diagnosis - Therapeutic Parasitology
Guidelines for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases
Infection Control Practices and Health Care
Anti-Microbial Chemotherapy
Parasitic Ecology and Population Genetics