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Diabetes World 2019 Conference

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749 22 Oct 2019
09:00 AM
23 Oct 2019
06:00 PM

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Diabetes World 2019

October 22-23, 2019

Rome, Italy

#DiabetesConference #GestationalDiabetes #DiabeticFoot

In support of Hilaris Conferences, Diabetes World 2019 congress is going to be held in Rome, Italy from October 22-23, 2019. This years conference is centerd on the theme, “Our right to a healthy Diabetes free future”.

The Diabetes World 2019 conference will be covering diverse topics of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorder such as Type I & Type II Diabetes, Risk factors and related diseases of Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular risk in Type 2 Diabetes, Stem Cell treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, Advanced Technologies to treat Diabetes, Medication, Herbal Therapy for Diabetes, Biomarker for Diabetes, Diabetic Foot and many more.

We welcome you to be a part of the Diabetes Conference and share your knowledge for a glorious future.

Conference Sessions

Type I Diabetes
Type II Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
Ophthalmologic problem in Diabetes
Cardiovascular risk in Diabetes
Risk factors and related diseases of Diabetes
Stem Cell treatment for Diabetes
Advanced Technologies to treat Diabetes
Herbal Therapy for Diabetes
Insulin Medication
Biomarker for Diabetes
Diabetic Foot
Endocrine and Metabolic Disorder
Diabetic Products
Diabetes Market